LW Graduation, Senior Party, and high school life is finally over...

and I am so. fucking. happy xD

I'm glad I met everyone I've met, cuz you've made me grow into who I am today.
It's not hard keeping track of people [internet!] so yeah.
find me on myspace.
find me on facebook.
and for you asianized ppl, find me on mixi.

I <3 you all. Good luck =]

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done and done.

now to wait 4 weeks for graduation =D

like connie said, after graduation, i'm prolly gonna not see alot of these ppl ever again. and for some reason i find that a relief =)

and now to attend to my 5 other blogs =/

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The UW registration for A&O is IMPOSSIBLE.

I've been clicking the "refresh" button for close to an hour now *dies*
I wish I were a hacker.

It's so strange to think back on all of the years and realize what's changed.
Sophomore and Jr. Year I thought I'd want a career in digital arts. Now I'm desperately trying to register for Orientation for the Business Administration Department.
Evanescence lyrics meant the world b/c I was so pessimistic and sorry for myself. Now my background music is j-pop and j-rap. wtf lol. Every ending to a relationship pushed me on the the next, whether that may be boyfriends or friends, and I'm glad as hell that those are all over with. Each escape taught me what to look out for in people, and it was interesting experience. The people who surround me now influenced so much optimism in me, and I regret not creating this bond earlier.
Starting this week, my family is slowly going to unravel. My dad is moving to L.A. b/c of his promotion, my sister and I are moving into an apartment, and my mom is going to L.A. once I'm in college. I'll be graduating from LW, going to Japan for the summer, and start a new school life from the fall. For a person who's hated change all of her life, I'm surprizingly excited about all of this. =)
I'm lucky to have a hillarious work environment, great friends, and a unbelievably caring boyfriend.
I am one happy ex-emo XD

[I just realized I've been typing this and clicking "refresh" all this time and it's half way through 1st period. I should go to school =D ]

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Pretty much pissed off b/c of Sims vs. Hutcherson debate.
Hutcherson basically needs to burn in hell =D

So my new job is pretty okay =] about 1000 times better than Quizno's, but with 1000 times more responsibilities. I'm up for the challanges, and my boss makes me laugh cuz he's so... yeah lol.

it sucks. to be sick.

Some people are just too good for BCC but are stuck with it. I wish I could do something to help...