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I have so many journal/blog things to monitor lately.… - mOnoCHroMe PonDeRz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 7th, 2006|02:25 pm]
[mUsIc |kimura kaera - beat -]

I have so many journal/blog things to monitor lately.
Livejournal. Myspace. bloguru. mixi. facebook. MSN myspace. wtf -____-

- my cousin, his wife [got married last year XD] and my aunt came to visit for a week.
i <3 them to no end. and my aunt kept offering me alcohol lol
The wife was addicted to our balance ball.
god damn i can't wait to see them again when i stay at their houses in the summer XD

- My dad moved to LA.
Nothing feels different, but now i can visit whenever for free =D

- 2 months and 5 days til Japan XD

- I got my tax refund from the government of... $7.00.
I think its too hillarious to cash

- Cinco de Mayo with James, Leah and Connie in a Seattle U dorm room.
the guy flirting with connie threw up from the 3rd story window.
Lesson: mixing alcohol = not smart.
stick with your mike's =D

- J-pop/fobs = cool.

- Debating if I should save my money to buy an mp3 player in japan,
or to get a 30G video iPod now.

- less than half a month before kohta and i break the record of "the logenst relationship ami's ever had" =D

good day.